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Sunday, February 23, 2014

4:23PM - The one that's early for tomorrow

Randy Orton and I used to always have a running debate. While he's never been interested in most anything aside from work, cars, and his daughters, he always kept an amused eye on my thoughts on the NFL draft and the lead ins to it. At 31, I still keep it in the back of my head that I could go to the Combine and put on a show. Or at least have a decent idea on where I could stand against athletes ten years younger and having done more football work than I'd forgotten in the past decade.

The interest goes in part because...well, its football. Any red blooded male should at least have a passing interest in the sport, and those that don't tend to follow their own sport with as much vigor. Its also very similar in its process to the OVW/DSW/FCW/NXT/Acronym heavy developmental processes that the WWE's used and will continue doing so. What the teams, and the company, do is find the raw materials. A tall talent, maybe with a pretty good wingspan. Check his teeth, see the vertical, hope he's got enough ass to absorb shock of bumps. Its a bonus if he's not pissing hot, although certain things can get worked around or handled if alerted early enough.

And none of you better raise an eye at this, because if you don't know how to beat a Wellness at this point, I can certainly find you a better adviser than the one you've got. Nevertheless, don't cheat with pills. Definitely don't take Adderol to focus on your matches better. And for the love of God, anybody that's taking sprays made out of shaved antlers deserve any sort of whackadoo punishment they get.

Although, I kind of admire the creativity. Antler sprays. What will they think of next?

I could always ask the person who left me this heaping helping of weird texts. But considering they woke my son up early, and I could only stare at them for the next three hours, its better left alone. Rest assured, they will easily be answered and the results might not be just what was expected.

Flattery will get you everywhere in most outfits, but going forward? Please flatter during business hours. And have the decency to send pictures. Understand me, Jake Hager? I know your work.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

4:14PM - The one with Chapters...

In order to postpone getting too in depth with the world, or my own thoughts, I wanted to recap what I've learned through the years. 2013 made for a challenging year in some ways, but pushed forward into something bold. Something unexpected. I got the chance to kick start multiple business plans. See a whole new realm of the business. Face off with different styles of opponents, and dig into this social media thing a lot more than I'd done in the past.

Of course, it hasn't been all perfect omelets. There's been a few eggshells among the wreckage. I do see the finger pointing. I pick up on most clues because the majority here aren't as subtle as they may think. And really, I've been in the game long enough to see the turn coming.

So carry on, [info]lovebizarre. Use. Adapt. Learn. I definitely have and will continue to. 2014 will be legendary.

Don't split a check. )

Monday, October 7, 2013

12:28AM - The one with no moral...yet.

Once upon a time, there was a handsome knight. He traveled the country, making friends and taking on the greatest warriors of each land. Sometimes twice a day. The knight became legendary for his knowledge, and his expertise in the art of battle. But he always wanted more. The knight was smart with his gold, however. He saved up the spoils of each battle, invested wisely and turned his gold into real estate and other up and coming ventures.

So much, that at the top of his adventures, he changed. The knight became a king. And the king became obsessed with his riches. Gone was the noble baby faced warrior known for his magical black glove and sleeping spell. In his place was a rugged, methodical ruler. Who became infamous across the world now for a memorable laugh, and a lust for what he could acquire. The more he gained, the more he wanted. The king would still step on the battlefield, however used his riches to back other knights. Sell-swords and mercenaries became his weapons, and he dispatched them to gain what he either could, or would not be able to possess.

The king's reign of terror lasted for years. Until a mercenary, fighting for the regent's honor, lost a battle who's result is still disputed to this day. Disgraced, the former king moved to another land. He attempted to fund a pair of warrior brothers, until he received a better offer. Through treachery and deception, he became the money behind a massive conspiracy. One rumored to be the missionaries of a dark prophecy. The former king realized what he had become, and slowly turned his attention and his funding from that organization. He hoped he could return to who and what he was before. Perhaps one day.

He had a family. One that for years he'd been away from, and raising them far away from his misdeeds. His sons all idolized their father and planned to follow in his footsteps. Some to redeem his name in the kingdom. Or to overtake who he was, and became. They all began on varying paths in order to accomplish that, but...that's a story for another day. Goodnight.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

12:56AM - The one that's not quite ready...

Sprinkle my ashes on Frenchmen street
And don’t shed a tear at the news
Just cut me a loose with a soulful song
Don’t play me no Frenchmen street blues

Hitch me a ride on a river breeze
To Elysian fields so green
And join the spirits looking down to smile
On the back streets of old New Orleans

I served my time in the masquerade
I ran the rough and the smooth
Now paint me a canvas of peace of mind
But don’t play no Frenchmen street blues

I’ll meet you one night in your sultry dreams
Lets drink me a toast as you snooze
I’ll close out my tab at the happy hour
And let go of my Frenchmen street blues

Current music: Jon Cleary "Frenchmen Street Blues"

Monday, July 18, 2011

9:07PM - The one aboard the Astrotrain

One of us is going to have to be "that guy" here. I know there's more to the story, and we'll all have to stay through the end.

I also know that the benefit of the whole should always go over that of the individual. The company, in my opinion ONLY, is taking a dangerous turn here. Its opening a genie bottle that simply can't be re-corked. The support and promotion of malcontents and unsigned talent doesn't sit right with me.

"Oh Ted, you're just jealous" "You're a hater." "What's wrong with your loyalty?" I can hear the disputes now, so let me re-iterate. I didn't ASK the reader to agree with me, I just wanted to state my thoughts. The competition employs and pays people who act as if they sign on just to have something to bitch about. And that is simply not what a publically traded, and fiscally healthy business should support, or promote.

I doubt I'll get a sensible, or smart response from [info]chicago_made here. It'll probably be some profanity laced verbal lube. Or the same old rhetoric. Barring that, it'll be the regular suspects (usually women) popping in to his defense. Because their guy just won't speak up for himself.

Now, let me state this now. I don't have a problem with the man as a worker. My personal issues come from something that need not be stated now, and truly isn't the concern of anyone but the three involved. But I invite you to state your case. If I'm mistaken, tell me. My theory is simple. This entire run is promotion for one man only. No one benefits aside from Punk himself, and maybe his two Chicago buddies who aren't worth being promoted by my job. If you needed backup, use your tag champions. A group of guys wearing his shirt. But instead, you're downplaying talent you have on hand simply to appease a minority crowd. Chicago is not the world. The internet minority certainly isn't the buying customer that, all things considered, pays our bills.

And also? Show a little bit of respect to the talent who aren't pulling away the curtain. We're worth it too.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

11:38PM - Testing 2

"I don't want to go back to the beginning. I want to be where I'm at here and now, and stay in it." Maria Kanelis November 12, 2008

[info]lovebizarre LoveBizarre on Insanejournal.

11:29PM - Testing

Rooftops are the new black. I'll meet you there. Maryse Ouelette Dec. 16, 2008

[info]lovebizarre Love Bizarre on InsaneJournal.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

2:32AM - The secret impresses no one. The trick you use it for is everything.

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